Thursday, 21 July 2011

Fridays Favourite Things.


Been a little slack on the blog front this week but here are my favourite things this week :)

1) These licourice allsort wall decor are almost good enough to take a bite!

2) Gorgeous Orange Parasouls are putting me in the mood for summer time.

3) A friend of mine showed me this awesome website that make the coolest temporary tattoos.

4) Number four is my favourite of the favourite things and you will need to click on the link HERE to see the amazing work of Jaime Beck and Kevin Berg in full force. Its called 'cinemagraphs'- moving photography. Now these arent your usual GIFs.....These are elegant and perfectly done. A must see.

5) Never can resist a cute camera necklace! They make something for everyone though. From city-scape pendants to little Kitten pendants. They are adorable!

6) and the last one for the day filled me with little bubbles of excitement and I may have even let out a little "eeepppp!" when I came across these little log cushions. If only the little child was included.......He kind of completes the whole image.

I hope you have all had a great week and enjoy your weekend. Im house sitting with my partner for a few weeks and I have an action packed weekend planned. Bit of Photographing on Saturday night and gift making and buying for my dearest Mummy, whos birthday is on Monday :)

A. x

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