Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dreaming Weddings.

Hi Lovelies.

So Dreaming Weddings. Usually means dreaming of happy, blissful, romantic days where you cry tears of joy and happiness. Not in my case. Recently I have been having what i can only describe as Wedding Nightmares. I literally wake up in sweats.

So far the dreams have consisted of:

a) Turning up late to a Wedding, extremely un prepared and wearing the most sluty dress ever known to man kind...
b) Having a Wedding party that were a bunch of rebels, who wont listen to a word I say, which resultes in me getting no photos at all and instead spending my time arguing with them all.
c) Trying to get to a location before the sun sets and never being able to get there. Resulting in a very un happy bride. Its kind of the same kind of feeling where you are trying to run in a dream but ya legs wont work....
d) and finally the worst ever situation......Taking a whole days worth of Wedding Photos and being really happy with my efforts, only to get home to find that my memory card is empty....

Crazy, Crazy situations! I wake up covered in sweat and feeling sick to my stomach. Now I can asure you all that I am nothing like this in real life. I am extremely punctual and organised. I am always early. I think it is a little part of my subconscious freaking out for me as Wedding season readily approaches.

I am so looking forward to what lies a head of me and am ready for any sort of challenge. I think the dreams are preparing me for the ultimate "worst Case Scenario.'

I am happy to put up with these Nightmares because the satisfaction when I wake up and realise its all a dream is so worth all the stress :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend + Nightmare free nights.

A. x

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