Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ambrosia, Ukeleles and Mud.

Hi Lovelies.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was looking forward to a Family dinner that was happening on Saturday night and I was going to make a dessert to take along. Well after looking over recipes and agonizing over what people would like etc etc, We decided to go for the never fail dessert that is Ambrosia. We weren't disappointed!! It was delicious.

Mixed summer berries were enough to excite me. YUM!

Chocolate to sprinkle on top.

We chose to use passionfruit yoghurt which of course you mix with cream. In go the fruits, marshmallows and Pineapple lumps :)

Once everything is mixed together, sprinkle the Ambrosia with chocolate and garnish with a few berries.

And there you have a dessert which everyone is sure to enjoy! Possibly the most easiest dessert on the planet. So good!!!

Went off roading with my Brother, his Girlfriend, my Partner and my Dad on Sunday, which was a lot of fun!! We went to Wairoa Gorge and had a drive around and then came across a Mountain Bike comp so we stopped and watched that for a while. Was a beautiful day. I also started learning the ukelele on Saturday. I have always wanted to learn and my Mum's partner plays, so he sat down with me and taught me a few notes etc. I think I picked it up pretty well for a first go.

Here's a video of a majority of the photos off my camera from the weekend. It was a great weekend!!


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