Monday, 25 July 2011

B e l a t e d M o n d a y ' s M u s i n g .

Monday has been and gone and I didn't get the chance to do my Monday's Musing!
So this weeks musing has been influenced by my obsession with Etsy and online shopping/browsing...... Every item today is from the Etsy website and they are all props that are on my never ending wish list.

Part 1:

1) A gorgeous idea for not only an engagement shoot but also a wee prop for a Wedding. Personalized Embroidery. Could also make a sweet Wedding present for that person that has everything!
2)I got so excited when I found these! Retro soda bottles would be a super cute prop for an engagement shoot. The cool red colour along with some funky straws would be perfect.
3) Not your typical chalk board. I think it would make a nice wall decor as well as being an awesome prop.
4) Possibly my favorite find lately. Map Paper Ornaments. I think theres something romantic about maps.... Good for those couples who live or have lived long distance or those couple from different countries.
5) The little kid coming out in me here. Through some colorful feathers in the kids hair and you have a quirky and different styled shoot.
6) Love birds. Cute. Enough said.

Props are the perfect way to become comfortable in front of the camera and also good to make your photos unique. I love coming up with ideas for clients and also love hearing what people have thought for themselves. When a portrait session has been a creative collaboration between myself and the clients, it's the most satisfying!!!

7) Getting Hitched Bunting Flags. Little pop of yellow is so pleasing to the eye.
8) This headband is do die for. You must look at her other work. Its hard to believe that the yummy treats arent real....I would still be tempted to give them a wee nibble just to make sure!
9) Monkey ears hat. Perfect prop and perfect expression on that adorable face! Love it.
10) and lastly.....some Retro Popcorn bags. Would actually probably go quite nicely with the soda bottles I mentioned earlier.

So there you have it. Feel free to donate any funky props you find or have to me! :)

A. x

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