Thursday, 3 May 2012

Take a moment.

If you do one thing tonight - Have a look at this.
It will break your heart 
and it will be hard to look at.


It's the first thing I have seen that gives a 
proper visual insight into how
is for some people.

This Woman is an inspiration. 

Also - A Facebook page.



  1. Oh wow, that made me cry. Chemotherapy seems a world away now but every so often I have these moments that jolt me back to the fact that I was actually diagnosed not all that long ago and as much as I try to forget and move on, I just can't. Its still really scary. But what a beautiful thing to do. Those photographs are powerful and wonderful.

  2. Hi Monica.
    It certainly tore my heart strings.....Although my journey has been tame compared to hers, i could relate to some of her expressions and could feel the nausea I could see so clearly on her face.
    The fear that comes with diagnosis will be something you and I will probably never forget.....
    Love your blog by the way :) you have a new follower!!
    Take care of yourself lovely.

  3. I can't even remember how I found yours but I've been silently reading from the sidelines, sorry I've only commented till now. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to read your posts and have someone say and understand exactly how I felt. I longed for that during treatment. As much as family and friends supported me, they didn't have to feel it and it felt lonely sometimes. Its quite a journey hey? A suckful one, but its amazing how much beauty you can find along the way xx