Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Keeping balance.

"Life is like
riding a bicycle.
To keep your 
You must keep

~ Albert Einstein ~

Cam & I cope with things by keeping momentum. We like to do things that make us happy. Those things keep us going. Keeping momentum - Like riding a Bicycle.

Cam - I will happily ride my Bicycle along side you for the rest of my life.

Last weekend, Cam and I had our photos taken by an amazingly, talented lady by the name of Lucy Stewart. She is just lovely and has a cute accent. She splits her time between NZ and the UK. We frolicked amongst the grapevines at Milcrest Estate, in Hope.

I received the discs today from Lucy and absolutely adore the photos that she captured. How handsome is Cam! You can check out Lucy's amazing work here and also check her out on Facebook. Dont forget to "like" the page if you like what you see.

I thought I would share a few of me and my amazing man.


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