Thursday, 31 May 2012

Enjoy the little things.

Today while leaving a job out at the Glen, I came to an intersection. I could either go left or I could go right. Right would take me back to Nelson and home. Left would take me to space. 

Time out. Reflection. Peace.

I picked left.

I parked my car. Grabbed my Camera. And started walking.

Then tears started falling. After a week that brought some un wanted news about people near and dear to me, who are finding them selves fighting the battle against Cancer. 
I needed to let it out. Quietly and alone. 

Sometimes the positivity runs low and I get angry about Cancer. Sometimes I want to scream. Frustrated at statistics. How has Cancer found a way to take over people lives?

"Scientists estimate that by year 2020 1 in 2 people will have Cancer."........

What about 10 or 20 years from then?? I hate to think.

While I am hopeful for a cure, the statistics scare me. Please dont be reckless with your life. Its all you have and in a second - everything can change.

As I stumbled across the rocks back to my car, I lost my footing and fell. Saving camera in the process. Its my own fault. Always wearing Inappropriate Footwear is my middle name. Anyway my heinous pinky toe poked itself out the side of my flats. I pissed myself. It looked ridiculous. 

I had stopped and reflected on things that were building up. It was now time to let them go and enjoy the little things. Like my toes that resemble yams. 

"Enjoy the little things."

Have a lovely long weekend everyone. Be happy. Be content. A.x


  1. Andrea, yet another heartwarming and beautiful post. My heart is sending you bundles and bundles of strength right now. Keep shining beautiful lady x

    1. Thank you Katrina! The bundles of strength are felt and SO appreciated. Take care of yourself and have a great long weekend lovely. A.x

  2. Andrea, we may not be close friends, but I am so, so glad you are in my life at all and I get to read and experience your incredible strength and beauty. Sam.

    1. Oh Sam! That was so lovely - Thank you :) Very sweet. Hope you are well!! Lots of love. A.x