Sunday, 17 February 2013

{ Survivor } - An update.

" I like living. 
I have sometimes been wildly,
despairingly, racked with sorrow, 
but through it all
I still know quite
certainly that just to be
alive is a grand thing."

~ Agatha Christie ~

I am certainly enjoying living. Life. Doing. Seeing. Creating. Moments. Memories. 

While at my three monthly check up last week, my Doctor said "Are you still Blogging?"

I have felt like I havent had much to talk about. 

But in actual fact. 

For those people who read my blog, who are going through treatment - I guess it would be nice to read what happens as you get on with your life after the big C. 

So this is an update. 

On the subject of check up - All is well. We have certainly scared that Cancer thing into not returning.

I just love the open relationship that you create with your Oncologist.

"So! Still having periods?"


Before I was diagnosed, those sorts of questions would have had me blushing and probably whispering my answers back to the doctor. 

Yes & No. Things are.....well normal.

I am so super happy of all things that my periods have returned. I am positive that we have given my body just the right amount of weed killer to get rid of the bastard and still not destroy my fertility. 


The only thing left to sort is my Thyroid.

I have been having issues with fatigue and dizzy spells.

I initially thought it may have been my blood pressure but that was checked and was all good.

So we start work on getting my Thyroid levels spot on. 

I have read somewhere that a few survivors have issues with their Thyroids after Chemo treatments.

So it may just be all a part of it.


Life seems to have taken off this year.

I am Loving. Loving. Loving Photographing again.

And I have also been working as a Chiropractors Assistant for a few months now.

I work within a Team of people who are so wellness orientated and it truly has been the best thing for me.

It has been challenging at times. Training the old brain to function like it used to.

Get the clogs running again.

I quite often repeat things/stories. Most people are polite to just listen to it yet again.

Others are quite quick to tell me that they have in fact had the same exact conversation with me before.

It can be frustrating at times. Of course you notice the lack of brain power and it can be a little disheartening.

It has gotten better over time. and will continue to get better.

I am also starting a Small Business Management course in March.

Yup. Getting my head around the Business side of things is just what I need to do.

It will be so beneficial.

So all in all life is great.


I am here. I am getting to celebrate some pretty big milestones in my friends and families lives.

That. I am I so grateful for. 

It is hard sometimes. Having had this experience. I have met so many people at treatments.

And one of those Special People. A lady who was quite dear to Cam & I. Lost her battle.

It ripped out our hearts.

We shared a common goal of surviving. And to be out the other side without the people that were walking along side you, striving for the same thing.

It gets you.

Forgive me if this next statement offends anyone.

But there can be a sense of guilt when you are Survivor.

When others dont get the same chance.

You know theres nothing you can do to change the outcome but you still feel guilty.

I try to shake it off. And I literally say out loud what I grateful for.

And I live.

Because as we all know. But are so quick to forget.

You never know what is around the corner in life.


I have curly hair again.

{ little happy dance }

I openly disliked my curls before having Cancer.

Now I will take them back and embrace them.

Is it just me. Or is this year already flying by...?

Its March soon. And I will turn 23.

I was 21 when I was diagnosed.

Shit. Where does the time go?

Right. So the update is over.

Life is going well and is exciting. Except for our Cat passing away. That hasn't been ideal at all.

Our logic. Is that she was sent to us to help us get through all that has happened and the fact that she has now left us, can only mean that I am going to be ok.

Do we sound a little crazy? We dont care.

(If you knew the circumstances of how we became to own Pixel you would understand our logic.)

Doesn't make it any easier though. Best cat ever.

Little hiccups along the road of life.

Other wise its all rainbows, sunshine rays and daisies.


For all you troopers. The people fighting the good fight.


"Its going to take a while. 
It's normal to take a while.
You've just gotta fight your way through."
~ Ira Glass ~


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