Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Smoke. Do you?

Me: "Hey you there smoking. Yeah you. Would you like a tumor with that cigarette?"

To say that smoking annoys me would have to be a massive understatement.

I keep my opinions to myself about smoking but seriously.

Give it up people. Give it a go at least.

A Smoke-free NZ is something I would love to see.

Enough about that.

Wanted to share a wee gem with you all. Something that has been a highlight of my days this week.

I was told about it by my good Friend, Philippa and it seriously has made such a difference.

Its amaze. I was taught how to do this at one of my Cancer group sessions but it really helps having someone talk you through stopping everything and relaxing.

Its my new fav and I had to share.

So take a moment to stop and relax.

So good for you. Unlike smoking....just saying.


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