Thursday, 20 September 2012

{ Calendar 2013 }

And so its done. 

I picked up my box of Calendars this morning. Such an amazing feeling to see the finished product.

I feel a little sad that its all done!

This Calendar has gotten me through a lot.

It was a distraction through the tough days and something that kept me smiling.
It has been a massive honor to meet every single person in this Calendar. 

Amazing people.

Here is a little look - Without giving too much away....

I have a few to sell but you can also purchase them from:

  • Nelson Women's Centre - 44 Trafalgar Street - (03) 546 7986
  • Cancer Society Nelson - 76a Waimea Road - (03) 539 3662
  • Speedy Print - 75 Buxton Square

The Calendars are $20 each and all the proceeds are going to be split between Nelson Women's Centre and Cancer Society Nelson.

Two fantastic organisations!

Get your Calendars sorted for next year and support these Causes.

Cancer affects 1 in 3 New Zealanders. Pulling together and supporting one another makes all the difference!


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