Thursday, 27 September 2012


I have almost forgotten what it is.

Definition: Do repeatedly, especially to improve
Synonyms: break, break in, condition, cultivate, develop, discipline, drill, dry run, exert, fix, foster, groom, habituate, hone, improve, inure, labor, lick into shape, limber up, loosen up, maneuver, ply, practice, prepare, pump iron, put out, put through grind, put through mill, rehearse, run through, set strain, teach, train, tune up, walk through, warm up, work, work out. 

"I am going to run 2k along the beach today" I say to myself.

Confident, I head down to the beach and start my 2k run.

2 minutes in and I am dead. Panting. My heart, lungs and brain is screaming at me to stop.

Wow. The realisation of just how much of a beating my body has had over the last year sinks in.

I decide to walk the rest of the 1st kilometer and then run the 2nd.

I do it. But. Seriously. I am just about ready to conk it.

I can just imagine the look of utter exhaustion on my face when I finished.

Despite looking worse for wear, I am totally stoked that after months and months of no exercise, I manage to complete something I have set out to do.

As a youngster I was really fit.

Judo. Volleyball. Running. Anything.

I have certainly gone down hill through the years but I am totally ready to up my game.

So I have started small.

2k along the beach. First kilometer walking. The second running. 3 x a week.

First week of completion and I am feeling good.

Normally I am one of those I-dont-want-to-exercise-because-I-dont-want-people-looking-at-me-while-I-sweat but I really dont give anymore because I have been given the hardest reality check that life can throw at you.

Sure! People who are almost out of this world with their impeccable healthy lifestyles still get Cancer BUT maintaing a healthy lifestyle is super important. There are some amazing people that are fighting their Cancer by living a healthy, stress free life. Kris Carr is a must for everyone to check out {especially you Cancer Fighters.} She is incredible.

I feel pretty amazing after just one week of getting back into exercising and I cant wait to push myself as I build up the strength to do so.

I didn't exercise during treatment. Apart from the occasional walk - That would take all of my energy. I didn't want to push my body and looking back now, I am glad I didn't.

I know what its like to feel as though your body has absolutely no juice. No get up and go. Nothing.

Feeling so good now gives me the push to keep building my strength.

I saw a good article about Exercise after treatment and there was one sentence that stood out to me.

"If you've had six months off, you need to take six months to get back into it again. You've been through your own marathon - you dont need to put another marathon on top of it!"

So start off small. I have found that the motto - "starting off small" -  applies to a lot of aspects in my life since finishing treatment. Baby steps can accomplish giant things.

Today I had a good day. I met with one of my Bride & Grooms for the upcoming Wedding season. They are meant to be my clients. We are totally on the same page and I just simply cant wait for their Wedding. I have a very exciting Wedding season this year. Getting to explore places around New Zealand that I have never been to. Also a friend of mine that I have grown up with is marrying her high school sweetheart. It puts a huge smile on face and my heart gets a little giddy when I think about the months to come.

Daylight savings commences this weekend which means Summer is just around the corner.

I sure i'm not the only one looking forward to sunny, warm nights, bbqs, the smell of sunscreen, sticky hands from the melted ice block that you didn't eat quick enough, salty skin for the sea, jandal tan lines & just general summer activities.

Life is good.

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  1. Hey come up the Barnecoat with me - I am doing it twice a week! Super awesome cardio workout! xxx