Friday, 27 July 2012

Fancy a game of spot the difference?

Had a reminder this morning just what has happened inside of me when my PET scan discs arrived.

The above image is my PET scan taken before I was officially diagnosed.

We knew something was wrong and knew that I probably had Cancer when I went for this scan.

Little did I know just how massive the tumor was.

I know my tumor is not the biggest in the world.

But. Let me tell you. When you see something that size making itself at home inside your body, you feel some what violated.

Compare it with the image below taken a couple of weeks ago.

The big dark grey area that starts in my throat and went into my chest has disappeared.

That is what achievement looks like.

Also want to point out how flippen weird it is seeing the insides of your own body.

There were a number of different pictures and ways to see how the tumor was affecting my body and the main thing that we saw when looking through them was just how much my poor esophagus was being pushed and restricted. 

Heres a before and after in colour. Dont I look pretty!

The left being the before and the right being after.

The green/yellow area in my throat and chest being the tumor.

How amazing is it, that we can see for ourselves just what we have been aiming for and what chemo achieved.

I swell with excitement and smiles when I look at them.

I have spent a bit of time sitting and just staring at the results.

I am one very happy & healthy girl.



  1. That's amazing!!! So glad for you!! xxxooo