Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fridays Favourite Things.

Hi Lovelies!
Ah Friday! You are so Glorious and here are my top 5 favorite things this week.
Number One:  - Courtesy of Amanda Graff at HeYoyo! Like a kid in a candy shop, I couldn't resist the bright colors and overall cuteness of every single item. Carousel rides were a favorite of mine as a child. I would be stoked with a cake with candles like this!

Number Two:  - Stunning. Amazing Photography by Rus Anson. Love the style! You MUST check out her website.

Number Three:  - I love Frankie Magazine. Every issue makes me laugh, smile, ponder, cry and be inspired. 

Number Four: Bridesmaids Movie. Best.Movie.I.Have.Ever.Seen.In.A.Very.Long.Time!

Numer Five: - My best friend showed me this. I think it would only be fair to have a matching hoddie in the same material.....Or maybe thats just me......

I am about to head of and Photograph some beautiful and talented people. The sun is shining here and really life is gooood!!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

A. x

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