Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Welcome :)

Wow! Finally bit the bullet and put myself out in the blogosphere!
A religious, slightly obsessed blog follower myself, I just hope I have what it takes to be interesting and follow worthy. Basically this is another way for me to share my inspirations, ideas and my own work.
I love craft, photography, design (both interior and graphic) and FOOD!! So expect a bit of a $2 mixture with this blog.

So the first post of many...... This week so far I have some very exciting photography enquiries, an even more exciting Wedding booking and applied for an awesome job! Fingers crossed with the job....
Went for a lovely stroll along Rocks road (Nelson) with a very good friend of mine on Melancholy Monday and the beautiful Winter sunshine definitely livened up the week. I adore the soft colour palette Winter creates. So here are a couple of snapshots from the walk.

Have a wonderful week :)

A xo

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