Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lets go away for a while.

A holiday. 

It was all we hung on to through everything.

Dreaming of deep blue waters, warm temperatures and golden sands. 

And days without worry. 

It is the first decent holiday we have both had in about 10 years.

It was just perfect.

From being thrown around on roller coasters and giant drops to walking  laps at the local relay for life with my cousin. 


And Cam and I are so grateful for the wonderful people that made a donation towards our holiday.

A lovely lady that Cam works with - Kristine - set up an account for people to make donations too.

We were surprised. We were grateful.

Thank you to all of you.

Thank you also to our families in Australia.

For taking care of us and giving us places to stay.

Of all the adventures. Spending time with you was our highlight.

And now we have the bug.

Already planning our next adventures. 

Thank you also to my perfect travel companion.

You are just a little bit cool.

Here is our holiday. Snapped. 

and a few 100 photos of Cam's Godson. Who we are just slightly obsessed about.

Such a dude.



  1. Awesome!!!!!!!! Welcome to the club Awesome Foursome v2

  2. Sooo many beautiful shots. So happy you had such a wonderful holiday!