Thursday, 12 September 2013

{ Mark & Nadia - Married }

There was just something. That I cant quite put my finger on.

That made this Wedding something spectacular.

Maybe it was seeing family come together. Coming from as far as South Africa.

Maybe it was because I know Mark & Nadia.

Maybe it was the fact that Mark and Nadia are expecting their first child.

What ever it was.

I still get a heart full of Joy when I think of their Wedding day.

Tarureka Estate set the scene. And its was just stunning.

When we arrived in Featherston the ground shook.

Letting us all know that Mother Nature was ready for a party.

And a Party it was.

The day of their Wedding it rained. And it rained. And it rained.

And then. As if someone had listened to my whispers.

Just as the ceremony was due to start. The sky opened up.

And the blue sky showed its face and sunlight beamed down on us.

A stunning day.

And an evening spent dancing the night away.

Mark and Nadia.

Thank you to you and your families.

For creating such beautiful memories.

And having me capture them.



  1. beautiful wedding!

  2. Great couple and photographer did a marvelous job!!

  3. AMAZING PHOTOS thanks Nadia and Mark for an absolutely fantastic day!!!!! You are both fabulous people with wonderful families. Andrea you are the best photographer and an amazing dancer great stuff!!!!