Wednesday, 30 January 2013

{ Resina & Scott } - Married.

Resina and Scott.

A leap year rolled around. Resina asked. Scott said yes.

Planning a Wedding. A month out from their big day.

They thought "Lets open a Bar!"

So they did and Rhythm and Brown was created.

The thing that stood out to me the most during my time spent with Resina and Scott and all those who were a part of their Wedding, was the overwhelming amount of love and compassion.

Scott had the most attentive Groomsman that I have ever met. Each of them taking the time to make sure that everything was pinned, tied and sat in the right place.

Same thing goes with Resina and her girls. Two of whom are her daughters.

The anticipation of their first look took over me as I watched Resina make her way down the path towards Scott, who patiently waited to see his Bride.

My heart swelled to twice its size 100 times throughout the day.

So many beautiful moments.

Thank you Resina and Scott for being such beautiful people. Inside and Out.

It was such an honor to capture your day.
















  1. Fabulous as always A!! Just stunning. I think my fav's are the to do list and the Laphroaig :)
    Sam xx