Thursday, 18 October 2012

{ Shave for a Cure }

Sweet Chily Phily.

My Friend.
She is pretty kick arse.

She was my go-to person throughout treatment. She always knew what to say. Or knew when not to say anything.

Phily has been a huge part of my recovery.

Think she's amazing? Just you wait.

Phily has bravely decided to participate in Shave for a cure.

She is going to shave off her luscious locks in December. Rock the chrome dome for a good cause.

She has set her target high. But thats what you get with high achievers!

She wants to raise: $ 5,000.

What a babe.

I wanted to let everyone know. Please spread the word. and if you're feeling generous - Donate some pennies.

Heres the link to her page:

Please take a look.

I am so proud of you Phily. You are doing such a great thing.


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