Monday, 22 October 2012

{ Check up: Check! }

So it has come and gone. My first check up.

I am happy. and slightly elated to say that I am still all good.

I will admit that these last couple of weeks leading up to this check up, I have been a little off. Cranky even.

The 'what if's' were totally buggin'.

I quite liked seeing my Onco again. Was nice to chat without the chemo talk.

My test results were great and she had a wee feel around my neck area and all is well.

Perfect may have even been said. But hey. I am not bragging.

She mentioned that she showed her husband my blog post with my scan images.

He was quite blown away by what she does. haha. He had never seen actual visual evidence of what she deals with before and she said it was quite funny seeing his response.

"Oh so you helped get rid of that? Wow."

Made me chuckle.

I had a couple of things that I wanted to discuss but I was put at ease.

One of things: my breathing when exercising. Raspy and the inability to talk while doing the hard slog was a concern.

I am however going to have a lung test just to double check everything.

Will probably just come down to the obvious fact that: Yes I have had chemo and yes it may take my body a wee bit to get back into the swing of things.

First check up outa the way. Another wee milestone. Done.

The sweet tunes of the MPeople sprung to mind as I happily walked out of the hospital. Resisting the urge to boogie my way out....

"Movin' on up. Moving on up."


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