Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A very special Lady.

Hello Lovely people!

Long time - No blog action.

I have been quietly adjusting to life after Cancer. 

Not going to lie. Its hard. 

Finding your feet.

Finding your way back into the hustle and bustle that is life.

Tricky. But I am getting there.

Today I am excited to share with you some recent portraits I have done with my Nurse Annie and her beautiful family.

Annie was my nurse. My go-to person.

She is kind and soft. The perfect person to help you through an illness.

She popped into see me one afternoon after I called her concerned with an old Chemo burn that was playing up. 

It was so nice to see her and catch up after not seeing her for over a month! Also it was the perfect time to show her my before and after scans, so she could see for herself what she had helped achieve.

I was surprised when she said to me that she had never seen a scan before. 

As she went to leave she asked if I would mind taking some photos of her and her kids - Zara, Morgan & Reece. Zara was off overseas and it was the last chance to get photos of them all together before she starts her new adventure.

I was so chuffed that she asked and jumped at the chance to photograph. 

Would be the first portrait shoot, other than calendar work, since finishing treatment. 

I turned up to Annie's house and was so excited when I saw her barn that she had explained to me. Perfect setting!

Annie is an equally as good of a mother as she is a Nurse. Her kids are beautiful. Kind natured. Just like their Mother. 

A true credit to her.

I just loved getting to know and Photographing Annie outside of the hospital environment.

So here we go. Here is my Nurse Annie. She will never lose that title. Ever. 


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  1. what a beautiful family! These are awesome photos Andrea, you're so talented!!