Thursday, 18 August 2011

Fridays Favourite Things.

Hello Lovelies.

Friday and its favourite things are here again but first I want to say Happy World Photography Day to Everyone. I hope something inspires you today :)

1) In light of today and its importance I had to honour the Daguerreotype - the first commercially succesful Photography process. Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre was the man behind the process and I think its so important to know about how things all began. Makes you realise how far things have come. Imagine if we were still all running around using the Daguerrotype process. This photo is the first photograph of a person ever made. Boulevard du Temple, Paris, Spring 1838, by Daguerre.
2) This is my favourite thing this week. The New Zealand Police have created these new Graffiti Ad Campaigns. I think they are extremely powerful pieces and also think its great that they are embracing street art as a fantastic form of advertising and raising awareness. The one of the Police officer pulling someone from the rubble is extremely close to home following the Chch earthquakes. I think they are so simple, yet so darn effective.
3) Brrrrr! I thinks thats been spoken by a lot of people over the last couple of weeks. Insane amounts of snow all over the place. I could not resist this gorgeous scarf. The colour and the thickness is perfect.
4) A DIY Project if your keen. These adorable Plant markers made from Antique spoons. Cute idea.....if only I was good at maintaining plants......
5) You must click on this next link. A series of work done by Ulric Collette, on the genetic similarities between members of same family. He's put two different faces together. I looked at the photos and with some of them you have to double take because they are seamlessly put together. Very Interesting.
6) Last of the Favourite things for the week are these Mini Pinata Favors. I am in love with all things ruffle at the moment and these are such a groovy idea.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am off to watch my Brother compete at a Judo comp on Sat which will be good.

Take care!


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