Monday, 10 December 2012

{ Maddie & Jackson }

Being a Sibling.

Nothing quite beats it.

As I photographed Maddie and Jackson - I couldn't help but smile.

Smiling. Because Maddie reminded me so much of myself.

Her mannerisms as she handled her baby brother. The looks. The kisses.

Its super special.

Being an older sister.

Some of my strongest and greatest memories are of my brothers first few days.

The awe. Of something so small.

That has been in Mummy's tummy for a long time.


Like his big Sister. Is just perfect.

10 little toes. 10 little fingers. and a mighty fine grin. 


May the novelty of being a big sister never wear thin. 

He is your brother. and he is scrumptious.

Something so special.


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