Wednesday, 7 November 2012

{ Happiness is not a limited resource }

Was shown this by a lovely lady. You dont have to watch it. but it is amazing.

A tear jerker.

Although it is Cancer related - The main point is universal. 

Over all aspects of your life. 

"The decision to be positive is not one that disregards or belittles the sadness that exists. It is rather a conscious choice to focus on the good and to cultivate happiness. Happiness is not a limited resource and when we devote our energy and time to trivial matters and distress over things that are ultimately insignificant, from that point we perpetuate our own sadness and we lose sight of the things that really make us happy and rationalize our way out of doing amazing things."

{ Christopher Aiff. 21. Osteosarcoma }

Flip that mind set. Amazing things will happen. 

I promise.


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